The Fear PDX Haunted House

The Haunted Holiday Attractions at The Fear PDX

KRAMPUS: A Haunted Christmas

The haunted house has swapped its pumpkins for Christmas lights, zombies for evil elves. Your favorite holiday takes a demonic turn in this Christmas-themed, immersive haunted house. Keep your eyes peeled and find all your favorite holiday traditions but this time full of holiday fear.

Santa's NAUGHTY LIST Shack

You discovered old St. Nick’s secret play area. The place where he packs those special presents for the extra naughty kids. Santa isn’t passing out coal this year. But here’s the catch, you have 3 minutes to figure out how to not be next the victim on the ‘naughty’ list.

Hacksaw Holiday Tree Lot

SCARE ZONE: It’s that time of year to find the perfect tree… But be warned you may not leave with all your limbs. The monsters at this tree lot have a different understanding of the term "U cut".

Demented Toy Factory

EXTREME HAUNT: The elves have been working nonstop since last Christmas and it has definitely affected them in the wrong way. Instead of toys for cheer they are creating holiday fear.

Questions About the Attractions!

Are any of the attractions full contact?
No. None of our attractions are Full Contact. We do not push, grab, or separate you from your group.

Is it Scary?
Yes! We are Portland’s Scariest Haunted House and we want to maintain that reputation.

Are any of the haunts the same
All our haunts are brand new for 2022. We have all new attractions…


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